Exercise and Physical Activity: Why we check up on it often

Exercise and Physical ActivityWhen you come to the clinic, our health professionals will ask you about your exercise habits and activity level (as well as your blood pressure, pulse, weight, and vitals). It is part of our routine office visit and is done every time you enter our office! The health professional will ask you: how often, how long, how intense, and what kind of exercise you do. The answer may simply be yardwork or housework, or it may be going to the gym for 5 days per week and working with a personal trainer.

This assessment is important so that your activity can be tracked over time to see if it really has become part of your life. It also helps provide you with motivation to increase your physical activity. Some people do well at the beginning of their weight loss journey, and then get bored with the extra activity which they are doing. So our job as health professionals is to check up on your activity level.

It is also important to remember why exercise/physical activity is so beneficial!

  1. It helps relieve stress and produces hormones that counter stress hormones.
  2. Regular physical activity is a key to keeping off lost weight.
  3. It lowers the risk for heart disease.
  4. It lowers blood pressure.
  5. It prevents obesity and diabetes.
  6. It builds healthy bones.
  7. It can boost your mood.
  8. It helps you stay independent as you get older.
  9. It may improve chronic conditions.
  10. It helps you live longer.

It is never too late to begin! This is why the exercise/physical activity assessment is part of every office visit!

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