Exercise and Weight Loss – Notes from ObesityWeek Nov. 2013

We all know that exercise is important for weight loss and maintenance. How important is it? Dr. Timothy Church from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center summed it up best at the Obesity Week meeting (Nov. 2013) with these points:

  • Regular exercise has health benefits for individuals of every weight.
  • Exercise can contribute to weight loss.
  • Exercise appears to be very important in weight-loss maintenance!

In other words, exercise typically gets you 2-3% weight loss (2-3 kg or 4-5 lbs). But for prevention of weight re-gain, most organizations recommend 45-60+ minutes per day most days or 200-300 minutes per week. In other words, you diet to lose weight and exercise to keep it off!

Another expert in the exercise field, Dr. Steven Blair, from the University of South Carolina, shared some insight as well. In 1960, the average caloric expenditure of housework was 6004 calories per day. In 2010, the average caloric expenditure was 3486 calories/day! Our daily occupations require a great deal less of expenditure compared to 50 years ago! His comment was, “Our biology works best at high levels of physical activity!”

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