Exercising at Home

Exercising in your home is comfortable and convenient! You don’t have to drive to a health club, which can save lots of time. In addition, the equipment in the home can provide a reminder to exercise. For some people, it is easy to combine exercise with other activities such as watching television, reading, listening to music, or walking your dog. The key is knowing yourself and whether or not you would stay motivated exercising at home. For people who can afford it, having a personal trainer come to their home provides convenience and built-in accountability.

If you are purchasing equipment, there are no ongoing costs associated with your exercise program once you have invested in the equipment. In addition, the equipment can be used by several members of the family. Seeing parents exercise regularly provides a good role model for children. Just make sure that family members use the equipment safely and read the instructions.

Some people dedicate space to their exercise routine. If this is the case, make sure it is comfortable and cheery, not down in the basement where it is dark and damp!

The key is to select exercise equipment that fits your needs, space requirements and budget. Perhaps an elliptical or treadmill machine is all you will need with hand weights or resistance bands. With effort and adherence to a routine (put it on your calendar), in-home equipment can help make exercise a rewarding experience.

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