Fitness Apps that can help you get in Shape

Fitness Apps that can help you get in ShapePhones have become an additional appendage for most of the American population. In fact, there are legitimate forms of anxiety disorders, now officially recognized, that are associated fully with being separated from the phone, internet, and all things associated with our pockets full of technology. Our phones keep us in touch with loved ones, sure, but they also keep us constantly connected to work, to the news of the world, and to countless other updates that we may or may not actually need to know about.

If your phone is going to be so wholly connected to you at all points, you might as well make it work for you and your weight loss goals. The weight loss industry has taken over the app stores, from Apple to Android, and that means there are almost countless options of different apps that are designed to support your weight loss needs.

Fitness? There’s an App for That

Fitness apps have made a huge leap forward in just the past couple of years as wearable technology has become a new must-have item. Fitbits, Garmin’s, Pebbles—there are almost an endless array of different watches available now that double as pedometers. These are a great tool if you are looking to improve your fitness routine. The watches keep track of your movement throughout the day, looking for how many steps you take and associating it with calories burned. Then, they send that data over to an app on your phone where you can track your progress, set daily goals, and even enter friendly competitions with people in your social network who have the same devices.
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Of course, if you aren’t quite ready to put a pedometer on your wrist so you can watch your fitness level around the clock, there are other apps out there that can encourage you to be more fitness minded without actually tracking your movements.

If that is more your speed, you may want to consider looking at the following fitness apps:

  • Couch to 5k: A training tool that helps non-runners tackle their first 5k in as little as a 8 weeks.
  • Zombies, Run!: An interactive game that helps you stay a step ahead of the zombie apocalypse by keeping fit.
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  • Charity miles: An app that lets you donate money to charity every time you tackle a mile.
  • Fitnet: A personal training app that is filled with short workouts to help you fit fitness into your daily routine.
  • Yonder: An app that will use your location to guide you to the highest rated hiking, running, biking, kayaking and skiing spots in your area.

The internet is no longer a place where you have to sit quietly and avoid the outdoors to enjoy. There are plenty of fun ways to use your smartphone to help you get fit. Remember, if you are just starting out with any new activity to take it slow at first, and to check with your medical weight loss doctor before trying anything new.

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