Fitness Options that Fit into any Budget

Fitness Options that Fit into any BudgetA quality fitness program for people in a medical weight loss program does not have to be expensive or require a gym membership. Many no-cost and low-cost alternatives will get you in shape without putting a strain on your budget.

Weight loss program exercise options that require no financial investment include walking, playing and completing chores. Walking briskly for 30 to 60 minutes each day is an excellent low-impact workout that most people can perform. Playing with your children is often an over-looked exercise opportunity. Join your children while they run around the yard, play ball sports or start an energetic game of hopscotch. Another opportunity for a workout is completing household chores, such as shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing the lawn or mopping the floors.

Adding fitness products to your weight loss program workouts does not have to break your budget. Use canned goods for hand weights or milk jugs filled with water for kettle bell weights. These items are easy to make at home and allow you to adjust the weight as you increase in fitness. Check out garage sales, thrift stores or consignment stores to find gently used exercise products for a low price. Sometimes you may be able to find include jump ropes, fitness ball, dumb bell weights, resistance bands or exercise DVD’s. Remember to check the quality of the item before purchasing to make sure the items are not broken or contain flaws.

It is possible to find fitness classes or workout equipment for a low cost. Contact your local high school recreation department to see if they have a facility available to the public when school is not in session. You may be able to use exercise equipment, gym space or the swimming pool. Some areas also have community recreation facilities that have workout areas and fitness classes. These options are many times either free or have a low-priced fee to use if you live in the community.

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