Focus on the Positive Changes During Weight Loss

Focus on the Positive Changes During Weight LossAt times, weight loss patients get so focused on the pounds lost that they fail to see all the positive changes that are occurring along with the weight loss. Here are some things to think about next time you are wondering if you are succeeding or not!

  1. Have you lost inches? Clothing size changes or inches lost can spur you on to keep going.
  2. Has there been a change in your blood pressure since you have lost weight?
  3. Has there been an improvement in your cholesterol levels?
  4. For diabetic patients, has there been a change in blood sugar, medications needed, or insulin? This is often a motivator for patients to keep the weight off!
  5. Have you been able to decrease or completely discontinue any medications since losing weight? Many patients are pleased to decrease the need for medications, and also realize that they are saving money!
  6. Have you been able to move easier? Patients often state this as one of the biggest reasons for wanting to lose weight. They want to be able to enjoy life and participate in activities with their families! The next time you need motivation for continuing, realize how much more you are able to do!
  7. Are you fitting into seats and booths more comfortably? Airplane seats, restaurant booths, and waiting room chairs become much more comfortable after the weight loss!

So the next time you need a boost to keep on going, just take a few moments to realize all the positive changes that have occurred. With weight loss, many people feel better mentally and physically. Make each day count and enjoy the journey!

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