Four Reasons Why Diets Fail

Four Reasons Why Diets Fail1. Underestimating Calories Consumed

Calories can accumulate quickly. Improve self-awareness by keeping a food record of all that is consumed, including the occasional “bite” or “taste.” There are many apps available now to help with tracking calories and overall nutrition.

2. Overestimating Activity and Calories Burned

Losing weight through exercise alone is difficult. The benefits of exercise are many, but it is important to realize that the average person does not burn a substantial number of calories exercising at an average intensity for an average amount of time. The combination of cutting calories along with exercise is the formula for successful weight loss. Invest in a pedometer to track steps. It is a great awareness tool to confirm how sedentary or active one is.

3.Poor Timing of Meals

Most dieters have proven to themselves that eating one meal per day is not the answer to weight loss. Allow your body to maintain optimal energy and prevent metabolism from slowing down by providing a steady stream of glucose throughout the day. Do this by having a healthy snack or meal every three to four hours. Strive to avoid going longer than five hours without eating.

4.Inadequate Sleep

Research indicates that getting less than six hours of sleep results in higher levels of ghrelin. This is a hormone that increases appetite for high carbohydrate and high calorie foods. Inadequate sleep also increases cortisol which is a stress hormone that can lead to weight gain.

From Loyola University Health System Newswire, Jan. 3, 2013

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