Greek Yogurt…what is it?

Greek Yogurt…what is itGreek yogurt has become a popular food, and several new brands of it have recently been introduced. Consumers might be confused as to how it is different from traditional yogurt.

Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt—almost custard-like. The reason it is thicker is because the liquid whey is strained off. This straining process results in the protein in the yogurt becoming more concentrated. Up to three times more milk is used to make Greek yogurt as it takes to make the regular version. This explains why the protein content is significantly higher (usually double that of regular yogurt). The straining process also leaches out some of the lactose (milk sugar). As a result, Greek yogurt might be tolerable to some people who are lactose intolerant who could not tolerate regular yogurt.

A disadvantage of the straining process is that some calcium is lost. Therefore, Greek yogurt is not as good of a source of calcium as regular yogurt. Price is also a disadvantage. Greek yogurt is more expensive due to the larger amount of milk needed to produce it. Due to the higher protein content, Greek yogurt is higher in calories than regular yogurt. Most manufacturers are making fat-free versions to minimize calories as much as possible, and sugar-free versions are also becoming available.

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