Grove City Dietitians Attend Weight Management Symposium

Grove City Dietitians Attend Weight Management SymposiumKathy Barrows (Ph.D, R.D.) and Millie Adams (M.S., R.D.), both dietitians at the Grove City CONCI, were able to attend a weight management symposium in Las Vegas, March 2-4th, sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It was an excellent symposium focused on current weight management research and applications for practice. Topics included addressing motivation in behavior change, nutritional genomics; web based coaching, effects of sleep apnea and PCOS in the obese individual and clever strategies for a “calorie burning makeover” (

A book resource Move a Little Lose A Lot by James Levine, Ph.D., M.D. was mentioned. Here is a quote. “Fifty years ago, there were no gyms; people rarely “exercised”, and very few people struggled with being overweight. We managed our weight effortlessly because we moved. Now we struggle with it daily because we are desk sentenced”. We are designed to move but we have “sitting disease”. The average adult and child sit 70% of their day (think cars/buses, T.V., computers, drive-up “everything”, and desk sitting). In a recent study by Dr. Levine, obese individuals sat 2 ½ more hours/day than ideal weight individuals. This inactivity amounts to 352 less calories expended/day or a possible 3 lbs./month or 36 lbs. weight gain /year! Become an “energy waster”!

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