Have You Wondered What a Dietitian Eats?

Jody Riley, RD, LD

A Day in the Life of a CONCI Dietitian

Written by Jody Riley, RD, LD (dietitian Bethel Rd office)

In being a full time mom and working a full time job, my life is busy! I plan 2 days a week at 9am, when my kids have been fed and are occupied near me, to work out using a walking and ⁄ or weight training cardio DVD. I also use my double stroller and walk with them 2 days a week. For extra physical activity I play with them daily! On the weekends I walk, golf, or bike with my husband! Activity is built into every day of the week! Especially during the summer, I drink about 60 oz water per day and 12–24 oz of other non calorie fluids like Propel Zero, diet iced tea, diet pop, or hot tea.

My food intake has to be structured. I do keep a running tally of what I eat at all times of the day! Usually breakfast is a high fiber cereal with skim milk or a nutrition bar if I am on the go. I eat a fruit as a snack mid morning and pack a salad with fruit, veggies, cheese, fat free dressing, and nuts for lunch at work. Another lunch for me might be cottage cheese with fruit, Greek yogurt with granola, and veggies with low fat dip or hummus. I always have a sweet after lunch( 2 Hershey’s kisses or a small cookie). I have a nutrition bar mid afternoon or string cheese with fruit. My dinner is usually lean meat, veggies or salad, and small starch like a roll or 1cup pasta. As a family we eat out only once a week, usually dinner on Friday or Saturday. Again, I have a few M&Ms or one cookie after dinner. Before bed my snack is low fat yogurt or crackers with peanut butter or a small bowl of cereal and skim milk. If I know we have a social or work function, then I will decrease my food intake during the day. If my day include strenuous yard work and activity, I may increase my intake. I am trying to lose my second baby weight so I really keep a running total everyday of what I have eaten! It takes work and effort but it is worth it!

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