How to Keep from Rebounding After Weight Loss? Exercise is the Key

Exercise Is the Key to MaintenanceYou lost the weight—great job—but how are you going to keep it off? About 65 percent of people who meet their weight loss goal will gain back those pounds after three years. In fact, some even gain back more than they lost.

Part of the problem is they fail to create sustainable strategies, which is the downside of many fad diets. They do whatever it takes to drop the weight, like fasting, without considering what will happen once they return to their old way of life.

This is not the case with a medical weight loss program.   From your first day we focus on sustainable eating and behavior patterns that will last a lifetime. When we view weight management as a lifestyle and not a diet, rebounding becomes far less likely.  That is why increasing activity is a big part of a healthy lifestyle and is especially important when it comes to maintaining a proper weight.

What it Takes to Maintain Your Weight

  • People who manage to lose weight and keep it off do so by staying active, according to one study.
  • They exercise at least an hour a day.
  • They burn up to 3,000 calories per week working out.

They add non exercise activities into their life like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Common sense should tell you if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must do something differently than you did before. The life you lived before weight loss is gone. Returning to that life will just make you gain weight again.

Does that Mean You Have to Live at the Gym?

Your goal is to create a practical and sustainable fitness plan. This can be done without leasing space at your local gym.

Plan at least 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise at least five to six days a week. Try to get your heart rate up to 70 to 85 percent of your maximum several times a week. Include two strength training sessions every week, as well, to build muscle.

Add in some lifestyle changes that improve your activity level, too. Park your car at the back of the lot when you grocery shop, for example.

What About Dieting?

Even if you exercise, you still need to make smart food choices. Focus your attention on portion control instead of calories. When you cook a meal, get into the habit of cutting the portions in half. Now, add in a green salad or vegetable to make up the difference.

Meeting your weight loss goals is a wonderful thing, but only if you can keep it off. Increasing activity is the key to making that happen.

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