How to Stay Warm During Outdoor Winter Exercise Workouts

How to Stay Warm During Outdoor Winter Exercise WorkoutsWhen the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, it can be tempting to stay inside and give up on your outdoor workout routines. But keeping up with outdoor exercises during the long, cold winter months is an important part of avoiding weight gain and fighting off seasonal blues. Learn how to stay warm and safe while you workout in the winter.

Tips to Stay Warm During Outdoor Winter Workouts

  • Wear a hat. Almost 1/4 of your body’s heat escapes through an uncovered head. Wear a hat that’s easy to take on and off so that you can regulate your body’s temperature. If you get too warm during your workout, you can take your hat off for an instant cool-down.
  • Cover your hands. Exposing hands to the cold air can be painful and the skin will dry out quickly. Temperatures below freezing can cause permanent skin damage via frostbite. If possible, opt for mittens instead of gloves – the finger-to-finger contact will keep your hands warmer.
  • Add an extra layer to your mid-section. Keeping your mid-section warm will help ramp up the temperature of your entire body. Choose synthetic fabrics that will pull moisture away from your body when you sweat.
  • Wear water-resistant shoes. Running or walking shoes with an outer layer of water-resistant material and an inner layer of supportive cushioning will protect your feet from the moisture of melting ice and snow. Synthetic socks will help keep your feet dry and warm as well.

Don’t let the winter months keep you trapped indoors. Bundle up, cover up, and hit the road!

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