Ideas for Breaking through a Plateau

Ideas for Breaking through a Plateau1. Revisit your original goal. What was the last weight you remember that you felt good about yourself?

2. Set up small achievable goals with short-term duration ie, improve the duration of exercise, increase the amount of weights, increase the number of repetitions.

3. Celebrate small-goal achievements – reward with a phone call to a friend, a manicure, a new tool, etc.

4. Begin tracking your weight at the same time on a daily basis.

5. If you still are not losing, check the following: portion sizes, amount of fruits and vegetables eaten, and an honest evaluation of food type and quantity.

6. How is your activity level? Do you have a pedometer? If not, buy one! Wear it daily for 3 days: track steps on weight record. Increase steps by 500×2-7 days, up to 10,000. Then by 500×2-7 days up to 12,000. People pay attention to what they measure!

7. Other ideas for activity. It is important to prevent boredom! Change exercise every 6-8 weeks.

Walk, cycle, elliptical, jazzercise, zumba, belly dancing, ballroom dancing, kickboxing, running, jogging, swimming, fitness DVDs, interval training resistance bands, stability ball, pilates and yoga.

8. Evaluate the amount of time you spend on weight loss. Do you need to broaden your areas of interest? Are you ready to learn a new skill? Is there something you always wanted to try but never took the time?

9. Try visualizing the rationalizations you use to sabotage your diet and create your own aversion therapy. What if you continue to eat like that all the time, without stopping? Is that what you really want? What image/thought is uncomfortable for you?

By Millie Adams, MS, RD

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