Jump Your Way Thin

Jump Your Way ThinIf you’re interested in effective weight management in Grove City it may be time to consider more unique exercise techniques. A new exercise is quickly gaining popularity with both men and women: trampoline jumping.

This mini-trampoline workout method typically requires jumping to a speedy pace of around 132 beats per minute, a pace that keeps the heart pumping and motivation high. Many health clubs and gyms are now offering workouts that use these small trampolines that are made specifically for exercise.

Exercise-based trampoline use is very different than the traditional backyard trampoline jumping, however. Instead of jumping as high as possible, you instead focus on tight up and down jumping while focusing on your core. The intensity with exercise-based trampoline jumping is also much higher.

This trampoline exercise is a great way to focus on the muscles in the abdomen, legs and thighs, as they must stay bent so the jumping keeps the heart rate up. This also prevents injury. In some workout routines the trampoline is also used for weightlifting, push-ups and sit-ups.

Trampoline jumping is recommended for anyone who wants to get in shape and practice good weight management. This low-impact, effective technique is excellent for older individuals who want to avoid joint strain, although it’s just as effective for younger people who want to shed a few pounds and get some exercise each day.

If you don’t have a gym or health club nearby you can now order trampolines designed for exercise online. These small trampolines can be folded easily for storage and generally cost efficient as well. Make sure to consult with a local weight loss clinic to see if this new exercise is good for you, and to get personalized recommendations for workout routines.

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