Just Move

Just Move!Another way to burn calories and improve your health is just to MOVE!! Simply moving more and sitting less is a way to boost your calorie burning!! NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenesis can improve your overall health without even doing a formal exercise program!! Fidgeting, standing, and just moving can help burn 25% more calories than lying down. Figure out ways to just move. Here are some ideas!

  1. Get up hourly if you have a desk job and walk around the office or go to the restroom. Figure out ways to move during the day.
  2. For your lunch break, make walking part of your routine.
  3. When you go to a store or to the bank, park at the end of the parking lot so you have to walk more. Burn your body’s energy.
  4. Get a pedometer and add in steps. Pedometers can help keep you motivated. Try to get up to 5000, 8000, or even 10,000 steps daily.
  5. Make many trips up and down stairs in your house. Use your house as an exercise machine.
  6. Dance while you clean your house. Every extra movement counts.
  7. While you are waiting in line, give up your seat and stand.
  8. Fidget when you can. Figure out ways to move.
  9. If watching TV, get up during commercials and walk or stretch. Have your hand weights ready to use.
  10. Always use stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

So, think of ways to waste your body’s energy. It really is healthier!

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