Know the Truth about Nutrition and Weight Loss

Know the Truth about Nutrition and Weight LossWe are constantly bombarded with weight loss information on the internet, in the newspaper, on the radio, and on the TV. Everybody appears to be an expert in this area –from your relatives to your doctor. How do you know if what you read and hear is true? Here are some questions to ask yourself next time you are receiving information about dieting.

Is the person making the statement a credible source of information? What is their educational background? (Not every health professional is an expert in obesity treatment!)

Does he/she have training and experience in the field that is being addressed by the statement or claim?

What does he/she have to gain by communicating with you? (Some quacks may have impressive credentials and may even have written a best-selling diet book.)

Is the product/service sound too good to be true? Chances are that they are! Have there been scientific/unbiased studies and research about the product/service?

Many things contribute to obesity, and it takes a comprehensive approach to treat it. It takes lifestyle and behavioral changes, nutrition education, increased physical activity, a good support system, accountability, stress management, and a willingness to keep focused on good health!

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