Learning your Own Story

Learning your Own StoryMany people who struggle with their weight have a story about why they are the way they are. When the conversation about weight loss emerges, they have a line that they always are ready to give. These lines are made up of common excuses that people offer for why they have gained weight, and often include pregnancy, menopause, a sedentary job or an injury. The problem with this is that your simple line may become ingrained in your mind, leaving you to believe that your weight really is a result of that one life event.

You may recognize this trend from friends who you discuss your weight with, or you may be guilty of this yourself. By putting your entire weight gain history into one line you are discrediting so much of what has affected you in your life. As part of your program for weight management in Grove City, take the time to think about the different events in your life that have influenced your waist line. You may be surprised to learn just where those extra pounds are coming from, and what you can do to keep them off in the future.

One activity that may be useful for you is to make a chart of your weight gain and loss over time. Think about how old you were when you started experiencing weight issues, and start your graph there. Plot overtime as you gained weight and lost it, noting the highs and lows overtime. Alongside your weight levels, note any important events that took place during that period of your life, such as getting married, having a child, starting a job or losing a loved one.

This chart provides a visualization of your weight changes over time. Instead of considering your weight to be due to a past pregnancy, you may realize that you actually gained weight when you started your most recent job. In addition to noting the activities that may have caused you to gain weight, pay attention to what was going on in your life when your weight was at its lowest points. Consider the differences in your lifestyle from then and now, and think about what you can change. For example, if you used to walk your dog after work every day, but have gained weight during the past years because your dog passed, then it might be time to consider getting another dog to lift your spirits and help you become more active.

Learning your own weight loss story can be a helpful tool as you are trying to lose weight. You may even come across events in your life that you didn’t realize had such a lasting impact could be one of the driving forces behind a surge of weight gain. As you are losing weight, this type of knowledge can be very useful!

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