Life After Weight Loss

long term changes after weight lossA woman expecting her first child often hears comments like “your life will never be the same.” There is truth in this comment.  A new mom’s life will be different.  She will have less personal time and more work caring for a new baby. She will need to become a good planner.  She might need to give up activities or indulgences that were enjoyed prior to becoming a mom.  Any new mother will agree that all the necessary changes are worth it in exchange for the new bundle of joy.

The point here is that achieving life-long weight loss requires accepting that “life will never be the same.”   Long-term changes are necessary to keep weight off.  Life will be different after weight loss. More work is involved in regard to food preparation.  Planning is crucial in order to stay on track.  Some activities/indulgences may need to be given up at least somewhat, such as frequency of dining out.  How personal time is spent may need to change, such as exercising rather than engaging in a sedentary activity. Just like the new mom making the necessary changes in her life, the end result of successfully maintaining a weight loss should make the dieter’s necessary life changes worth the effort.

CONCI dietitians stress the importance of permanent change when counseling patients.   We encourage patients to attend the classes offered at the clinic to help you understand the how and why of permanent life style change as it relates to long term success.  Call any of the CONCI offices to speak to a dietitian about getting involved in classes.

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