Liquid Calories – They Do Add Up!

Liquid CaloriesWe sometimes forget that liquid calories do count! That innocent coffee or sports drink does not seem that it would have much impact on your body weight, but over a period of time, they do all add to your total dietary intake! Just make sure that you realize what you are drinking. Here are a few eye-openers if you have not thought of these already!

Sports drink (32 oz) 264 calories

Chocolate milk (16 oz) 412 calories

Fruit Smoothie (16 oz) 360 calories

Mocha Latte with Whole milk (16 oz) 300 calories

Cran-apple juice (1 cup) 154 calories

In other words, be mindful of what you drink, as well as what you eat! Load your glass with ice to cut down on how much you actually drink.

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