Losing Weight is Good for Your Health and Wallet

Losing Weight is Good for Your Health and WalletMost people know that losing weight has numerous health benefits, such as improving blood pressure, blood sugar, and lipid levels. Many people even sleep better after losing weight, and weight loss lessens the risk of many chronic diseases. But have you ever thought of how it may be good for your wallet as well?

People who are on numerous medications for their chronic diseases are often able to decrease or discontinue their medications during or after weight loss. A person with diabetes may be on insulin and/or medications to control blood glucose, and some medications may cost an individual over $100 per month. Oftentimes, these can be decreased or eliminated altogether with weight loss and intensive lifestyle management.

In addition, a person who has lost weight may not have to see his/her doctors as often due to improved control of diabetes or other chronic illness, thereby saving on co-pays or other costs. Insurance rates may also be lower for people who maintain a body mass index below 30 which is considered obese. People who have lost weight and are maintaining their weight may eat out less often and decrease the amount of groceries that are purchased. Clothing costs may also decline since there may be more shopping options due to fitting into smaller sizes (Trendingdownward).

Unfortunately, there still is discrimination and work bias in the workplace for obese individuals. Losing weight can help you to avoid obesity bias and may help you to advance in your career.

Ultimately, there are other benefits to losing weight besides improved health. Improved finances could a side benefit of weight loss as well.

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