Losing Weight With Strength Training

Losing Weight With Strength TrainingWhen you are following a medical weight loss program, a doctor will make recommendations for your diet and exercise based on your physical health and potential concerns that may arise. In many cases, strength training will be part of the exercise program so that you can build up your muscles while you are losing weight. Although strength training may seem complicated, there are simple ways to get the weight loss results that you want without using heavy weights or confusing exercise machines.

Challenges Associated With Strength Training

There are challenges that are specifically associated with strength training when you are overweight or obese. The potential challenges may include:

  • Difficulties getting into the appropriate form or position for the exercise
  • Machines or exercise tools that are too small
  • Pain in the joints or knees that may make certain exercises uncomfortable or painful
  • Difficulty climbing onto a machine
  • Excess weight on the stomach and abdomen that makes some exercises difficult or uncomfortable

By recognizing the potential challenges, it is easier to create a weight loss plan that specifically addresses your concerns. Strength training does not necessarily mean that you must use the equipment at a gym or that you must perform exercises that are uncomfortable.

Strength Training Options

Depending on your goals and current health, the best ways to incorporate strength training may vary slightly. Generally, you should discuss your options with a medical professional before starting a new program to ensure that it is appropriate for your health and personal concerns.

Some exercises that can strengthen the muscles include:

  • Walk up the stairs or use stepping exercises that involve stepping up and then down.
  • Focus on balance by standing near a wall and lifting one foot off the ground, holding the pose and then putting the foot back down.
  • Sit down and stand up eight to 10 times in a row, and then add more as it becomes easier.
  • Consider purchasing inexpensive exercise resistance bands to help you with strength and flexibility.

Simple exercises that can be performed at any time of the day can help improve your weight loss results and reduce the risk of injury. When your mobility improves, you can start adding more focused exercises that are performed in a chair; however, you should always consult a medical professional before starting a rigorous exercise program.

Strength training is essential for mobility and muscle strength, but you should always start small and work up to more rigorous exercise. In a medical weight loss program, you may also be monitored by a medical professional to ensure that your exercise is appropriate for your current health.

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