Maintenance is a Must

Maintenance is a MustSummer is here, but don’t take a vacation from your weight loss and maintenance efforts! Weighing-in and having accountability for long-term maintenance are essential for most people. It is important to get on a maintenance schedule, such as attending the group maintenance classes or seeing your favorite dietitian at least once per month. So here are some different options to consider:

  • Attend group maintenance classes. Feel free to attend a class at any of the offices!

East office: first Tuesday of each month

Northwest office: first Tuesday and Friday of each month

Polaris office: second Monday of each month

Grove City office: last Monday of each month

  • Attend the group maintenance class monthly and weigh-in weekly!
  • Have a private appointment with your favorite dietitian once per month (and weigh-in weekly).
  • Outside the clinic, form a group with friends/family who have lost weight and are determined to keep it off! Meet weekly or monthly!

In addition, make your summer plans to include physical activity. With the weather warmer and the days longer there is no excuse not to increase your exercise and physical movement. Be creative, enjoy the weather and stay active!

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