Maintenance Patient Inspires Others

As part of CONCI’S lecture series, patients who lost weight on the OPTIFAST program and are now maintaining that loss are invited to speak to patients currently on the program. The speaker is asked to discuss the eating habits and lifestyle changes he or she has made in order to maintain the lower weight. Current patients find it helpful to hear from those who have “walked the walk and talked the talk.” No one can relate better to current patients than someone who has been on the OPTIFAST program previously and is now in the maintenance phase. A recent speaker was Justin E. who lost 107 pounds in 4 months waar kamagra on the OPTIFAST program. His body fat dropped from 34% to 19%. His waist size dropped from 52 inches to 44. The Central Ohio Nutrition Center believes that a quality program provides patients with more than just a diet. Encouragement, support, and education round out the comprehensive programs offered at CONCI. Weight loss and maintenance require hard work. Having the facts about why weight loss is so challenging can help with the patience that is necessary while waiting for the weight to drop. Hearing real-life stories directly from former patients is an effective way to help those losing weight continue on their journey.

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