Make Time For Maintenance

Make Time For MaintenanceAlmost every patient that comes to CONCI tells us the same thing.  They tell us their mistake with previous weight losses was that they did not follow through with a maintenance program.  Sadly, after losing weight again, patients seem to forget their comment and, again, fail to commit to a maintenance program.  Unfortunately, this often leads to yet another failure to keep the weight off.

CONCI offers the opportunity for all patients to stay accountable through either a maintenance class or through one-on-one contact with a registered dietitian. Maintenance class is a great way to continue learning about nutrition and what it takes to keep weight off.

There is always something new to learn!  For example, the food industry is constantly introducing new products that may be helpful with weight control.  CONCI dietitians can make you aware of such products. Your job is to stay in contact with us so that we can share valuable information that will help keep the weight off. Another plus to participating in the class is that it offers a support network with others sharing the same challenges.
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We often hear the comment “I already know what is taught in the classes – I don’t need to go.”  We guarantee that you will learn something new at each class! Our dietitians strive to make the classes interesting with real-world, everyday-living information.  CONCI dietitians are a wealth of knowledge…let them share it with you!
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AND, IF YOU NEED FURTHER CONVINCING…CONCI dietitians come with great credentials and experience.  Several of the dietitians have a masters or even a doctorate degree.  One of the maintenance instructors is BOTH a registered dietitian AND a certified personal trainer!  Nutrition AND exercise expertise!!!
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It is a fact that maintaining a weight loss will always present a challenge.  Let us help you prevent regain by participating in our maintenance program.  Remember previous regrets of not having followed through with this very important part of any weight loss program!

Much information and knowledge awaits you!

Fran Matteson, MS,RD

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