Making Sense of the Multitude of Milk Products

Making Sense of the Multitude of Milk ProductsHave you ever wondered how the milk you’re drinking compares to the other varieties currently available? CONCI has provided the basics so you are able to choose which milk type suits you and your journey best.

Whole Milk 150 8gms 8gms 12gms 30% yes
2% Milk 120 5gms 8gms 12gms 30% yes
1% Milk 100 2.5 gms 8gms 12gms 30% yes
Skim Milk 80 0gms 8gms 12gms 30% yes
Almond 80 2.5gms 1gms 14gms 45 no
Coconut 70 4.5gms 0gms 8gms 10% no
Soy 100 4gms 7gms 8gms 30% no
Lactaid 160 8gms 8gms 13gms 30% no
Cashew 60 2.5gms <1gm 9gms 45% no
Rice 120 2.5gms 1gms 23gms 30% no

Compiled by Emily Nageotte, Ohio State Medical Dietetics student

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