Manage Your Time – Maintain a Healthy Weight

Manage Your Time - Maintain a Healthy WeightTo help maintain a healthy weight, managing one’s time is very important.  People who are very busy feel stressed, and this can lead to overeating. On the other hand, people who have too much time on their hands may feel bored and turn to food for stimulation and relaxation.  In addition, others feel they have little time to exercise and to prepare the proper, nutritious foods.

The first step is to review your life’s balance and how you spend your time. Get rid of time wasters!  Keep track of your activities and time.  Here are some tips to help in managing your time.

  1. Review your values and priorities. What do you value the most? Are you spending enough time in those activities and with the people you care about?
  2. Take personal responsibility for how you spend your time.  Try not to let others determine how you spend your personal time.
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  4. Make vidalista 20 mg schweiz sure you ask for help with certain tasks that get in the way of your priorities. Delegate if you can!
  5. Learn to say NO, and realize you don’t have to volunteer for all the activities that are presented to you.
  6. You may need to structure your weekends to spend them doing what you really want to do!
  7. Leave room for relaxation and true recreation.
  8. Schedule your physical activity at a time that works for you.  Many people find that first thing in the morning works best!
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  10. Find ways to stay organized – a calendar or organizer can help.  The more organized you are, the easier it is to find items and free up your time.
  11. Learn how to cook – simply and with fresh food.
  12. Each night give yourself 20 minutes of pure pleasure-something you really enjoy doing!

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