Mastering Maintenance

Men Mastering Maintenance

Men Mastering Maintenance
Successful maintenance CAN happen!  Everyone seems to hear about the dieter who lost weight only to regain “all the weight lost and then some.”  For the person who is in the process of getting the weight off, this presents a bleak and foreboding picture of what that person can expect next.  Hearing this kind of comment can easily take the wind out of the sails of the dieter who is approaching goal weight and about to embark on maintenance.

We always seem to hear about the person who is not doing well and not about the person who is. It is time to hear about those who ARE doing well!  Not only can a weight loss be maintained successfully, it can be a very positive experience for those who work at it.

Doug Montanaro, Rudy Brown, and Ralph Hovermale are examples of past patients who have successfully maintained significant weight losses. Each of these men lost their weight on the OPTIFAST program.  Each shared his thoughts about his maintenance journey.

Doug has maintained a 125 pound loss for almost three years.  Doug states that the “never-ending vigilance” which is a necessary part of maintenance is a price he is willing to pay.  The health benefits he has seen from weight loss far outweigh the effort required on his part to keep the weight off. When Doug started the diet, he was taking medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues.   Prior to losing weight, Doug took six prescription medications.  He is now taking only one.   The extra weight he carried contributed to knee problems.  His mobility has greatly improved.  Doug loves to travel and dine out.  He is now an informed consumer who manages eating our by ordering responsibly.

Rudy Brown began the OPTIFAST program in 2002.  He lost 168 pounds and has kept it off for almost seven years.   Despite being a young man, Rudy’s health issues were significant.  He was dealing with poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.  Thanks to his significant weight loss, these problems are all resolved.  Rudy emphasized that it is crucial to “understand that maintenance is never-ending.  It is a battle everyday.” A regain of even a few pounds requires immediate attention. Rudy has refocused his attention to what really matters – good health through good nutrition and exercise.   Consistent exercise is a big contributor to Rudy’s success.

One of our more recent patients, Ralph Hovermale, lost 82 pounds and has maintained that loss for 14 months. Ralph’s success with weight loss also allowed him to discontinue use of blood pressure medication.   Ralph described maintenance as requiring “discipline, but that the discipline is rewarded with great satisfaction.”  The pay-back for doing what he has to do is the satisfaction that he derives from his appearance and from life in general now that he has lost his weight.

These three men are proof that weight can be kept off.  The key to success is precisely what these men emphasized:  Vigilance, discipline, and the realization and acceptance  that the challenge is an on-going one.

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