Mindful Eating Mantras

mindful eating mantrasSummer is almost over, and it is time to begin your Fall routine. If you took a vacation this summer season from your healthy eating habits, the time is now to return to eating behaviors that work for you. The following 4 mantras will remind you of the importance of avoiding as much as possible the use of highly processed foods. Not only are they unhealthy due to additives, preservatives,  and  ingredients lacking any nutrition, processed and convenience foods in general are high in fat, sodium, and calories.  Buyer beware!

More information about better food choices is always available from CONCI dietitians.

  1.  The longer the shelf life, the shorter your life.
  2.  If it has a TV commercial/advertisement, it may not be healthy.  Think twice!
  3. Are the ingredients pure and whole? Are there less than ten ingredients? Less than five? Can I pronounce them all and explain what they are for?
  4. Eat. Real. Food.
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