More about Maintenance

More about MaintenanceNow that you have lost your excess body weight, comes the next phase of the program- Maintenance! Congratulations on your hard work and determination to achieve your goal. The following are reminders to check and see that you are doing all you can to successfully continue your healthier lifestyle.

  1. Continue to weigh in weekly or bi-weekly at our office for at least the first three months of maintenance.
    • You can also attend our regular classes, or our monthly maintenance class. In addition,  we are  offering cooking classes quarterly.
    • Another option is to follow up with one of our registered dietitians monthly. It is another way of staying accountable.
  2. Set your maintenance goals. Set a 5 or 10 pound range within which you will like to stay!
  3. Set a 6 month, and yearly goal. Then reward yourself for staying within that range and reaching those goals!
  4. Pull out your CONCI class material and review from time to time for motivation, ideas, and staying on track. Or if you have a motivational book that you have used in the past, use that one to stay focused on following a healthy plan.
  5. Weigh yourself daily.
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  7. Keep a food and exercise log, either on paper, a computer, or phone!
  8. Keep up your physical activity.  45 minutes per day of moderately intense activity or 300 minutes per week is recommended. If you use a pedometer, 10,000 steps daily is recommended!
  9. Be careful of your amount of “screen time.”  Monitor your TV watching and computer activities. The goal is to watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.
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  11. Pursue other hobbies and recreational pursuits to keep your mind off of food and eating, and enjoyment.
  12. Every day, praise yourself for following through on your plan. Concentrate on how much better you feel and how your health has improved!

Whether you have lost weight on the Optifast program or the low calorie diet, maintenance of the weight loss can be achieved by having a plan in place and following through.  The reward of continuing weight maintenance is improved mobility, health, and quality of life! buy fildena online no prescription

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