More Reminders to Lose and Manage Your Weight

More Reminders to Lose and Manage Your WeightEvery day in the news and professional media from all over the world,  studies are noted about excess body weight and its effect on health.  Studies involve all age groups and the chronic conditions that accompany the extra weight. Recently in the news, the following studies were quoted and explored obesity and health issues.

One study linked obesity and serious health problems later in life.  Zajacova PhD from the University of Wyoming observed the relationship between BMI at age 25 and health issues in later life. She found that people who were obese by age 25 were more susceptible to complications such as hypertension, inflammation, diabetes, and chronic conditions.  A second paper from Canada stated that within a year, obesity would overtake smoking as the number-one modifiable cardiovascular disease risk factor CMAJ Open (May 20, 2014). Along with the obesity, an increase in diabetes was expected over the next 7 years.

A third study by Langenberg, MD at the University of Cambridge in England, revealed that participants who were obese faced the greatest likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, no matter what their genetic risk indicated.  The rate of diabetes was significantly higher among those who were obese but had the lowest genetic risk than among those of normal weight with the highest genetic risk.  The researchers concluded that everyone “should minimize their risk of diabetes through maintenance of physical activity and a healthy diet and avoidance of being overweight.” (plos Medicine)

Studies like these are just a reminder that managing your weight has definite health benefits. Even taking small steps and losing a modest amount of weight can improve your chances of better health and avoidance of these chronic conditions.  Even a 10% weight loss can improve your health!  For a person who weighs 200 pounds, losing 20 pounds is enough to make a difference.

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