Motivation for the Holiday Season

Staying Motivated through the HolidaysThe next few months can be challenging for a person who has lost weight, is losing weight, or is contemplating a weight loss program. In our culture, this time of year can be especially difficult with all the “eating events” that seem to be part of the season. How can one still enjoy the holidays, handle the events, and start the New Year healthier and happier?

The following are some ideas to manage your weight successfully through November and December:

  1. Although food is part of our culture, think about the real reasons we are celebrating. Most people are celebrating to be with family, friends, or for religious reasons. Try to make food “secondary” and not as important as the real MEANING of the holiday!
  2. Stay physically active. Not only will this help burn calories, but it will also help with the stress of the holiday.
  3. Preplan each day. Try not to allow long spaces or gaps between meals or snacks. Plan ahead what you will take to special events or meals.
  4. Watch portion sizes carefully.
  5. Use a food record or app to record your daily intake and exercise. You will feel more in control of your food intake.
  6. Ask friends and family not to give you food as gifts. Keep your home and environment free of temptation and “goodies” which can get you off track.
  7. Get enough rest and sleep. Practice self-care all the way through the holidays. Some things on your “to do” list may not get done!
  8. Ask yourself the question: “ Am I really hungry?”
  9. Review your motivation for wanting to lose and keep off the weight! Keep that motivation in your mind – count the small positive changes that have happened or will happen due to the weight loss/maintenance!
  10. Do small special things for yourself during the holidays – things that make you feel good! (Examples might be a manicure/pedicure, nature walk, volunteer, plan a vacation!)
  11. Last, set your goal. Where would you like to be January 1st? Think how happy you will feel when you have maintained a weight loss or lost weight during this holiday season!!
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