Motivation to Lose Weight and Stay Thinner

Motivation to Lose Weight and Stay ThinnerTHINK THIN: What are you thinking about just before eating?

Overweight: imagine the smell, taste, feel, texture of food in their mouth.

Thin: imagine how food will feel in their stomach in 15 minutes-1 hour or consider whether they are really hungry.

MOVE LIKE YOU ARE THIN: Do you move a little or move a lot?

Dr. James Levine studied 10 obese and 10 healthy weight (BMI) individuals who all described themselves as couch potatoes. The obese individuals were sitting 2 ½ hours more per day than the healthy weight subjects. This is a 150 minute/day difference equal to 352 calories or a 36 lb weight gain in a year! Look at and for ideas to move more.

HANG OUT WITH THINNER PEOPLE: Thinner friends = smaller waist

The New England Journal of Medicine reported results of a study that if a person is around obese or overweight friends, they are at a greater risk of gaining weight. The effect is greater with friends than with family members. So, try to find some more health conscious friends by visiting places such as the YMCA and meeting others who are interested in walking, biking, skiing or yoga. Influence your friends with new healthy recipes, start walking together at work and have less food-oriented activities.

HEALTHY EATING CAN KEEP YOU ON TRACK: Healthy eating = healthier choices

Nourishing your body predictably on OPTIFAST (every 3-4 hours) can satisfy you and keep you from experiencing low energy crashes, like a car running out of gas. While maintaining your weight you can eat every 3-4 hours with protein such as eggs, string cheese, low-fat dairy, fish, chicken, and beans, as well as high-fiber carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grain cereals, pastas and breads, in addition to healthy fats such as small amounts of nuts, avocado, and olive or vegetable oils. This will help you navigate the challenge of donuts in the break room, candy bars at gas stations and fast food on every corner.


Endorphins are ‘feel good’ hormones released with activity. Try moving earlier to create a healthy start to your day. Take your dog for a fifteen minute walk in the morning, or try doing yoga or Pilates in the morning to start out your day. Choose an activity that you enjoy and is convenient, such as golf, the Wii Fit, belly dancing or kick boxing. It is also a good idea to always have hand weights, DVDs, and exercise bands available. Choose an activity that is realistic and goal oriented such as a 5k walk/run, bike tour, or dance competition.

By K. Barrows, PhD, RD

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