My Plate Logo Replaces Food Pyramid

USDA has replaced the food pyramid with an easy-to-understand logo called MyPlate. The new icon is a plate that is divided into 4 sections. Each of the 4 sections represents fruit, vegetables, grains, or protein. Fruits and vegetables take up half of the plate, while grains and protein take up the other half. The protein section is slightly smaller than the other 3 sections. The message is that slightly more than 75% of our intake should come from plant-based foods. The logo also shows a side portion of dairy next to the plate. Its intent is to convey visually what a healthy plate of food should look like.

This idea needs to be supplemented with additional information such as portion size, fat intake, and total calories in order for the consumer to have an accurate idea of what, and how much, food they should consume. Go to for more information.

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