Navigating the Social Events of Summer

Navigating the Social Events of SummerThe holiday season is generally thought of as November/December. There are parties and lots of social and eating events. However, June and July can also be a time when we greet-meet-and eat! Therefore, it is prudent to be vigilant this time of year. The following are some suggestions for navigating this busy season of vacations, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.
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First of all, review your social calendar and plan ahead for your special events. Space out your food intake so you are not famished going to that graduation party.  Impulse eating happens when one is very hunger both psychologically and lo esencial propionato testosterona physically. Secondly, make sure you have something that you can eat and/or drink. Either take it with you or ask beforehand, what might be available. Take your sparkling water so you are not tempted to have that high calorie alcoholic drink! Thirdly, remind yourself of your goals-either weight or health-related goals. Remember why your weight and health is important to you. Fourth, be the “life of the party” spending a lot more time talking than eating! And fifth, stand away from the food table. Purposely, make an effort to not be in reach of the “finger food!”
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And remember how good you feel and your improved quality of life when you eat mindfully and stay committed to your healthy lifestyle! There will always be another social event and party! buy zyban online no prescription

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