Nutrition Label May Be Up-Dated

Nutrition Label May Be Up-DatedAre you confused by nutrition labels? Changes are proposed to make the nutrition information on packaging more user-friendly and more realistic in regard to portion sizes. The FDA is considering the following changes, although it is not clear when these changes will begin to appear on labels.

  1. Calorie counts will appear larger and will be in bold type for better visibility.
  2. Serving size will be changed to reflect what is typically considered a portion by most Americans.
  3. “Added Sugar” will be indicated under the Total Carbohydrate category. This will help the consumer better understand how much of the carbohydrate in a food is naturally occurring and how much is in the form of refined sugar added in the manufacturing process.
  4. Vitamin D and potassium content will be required to be listed on the nutrition facts panel. Vitamin D is linked to bone health as well as other disease states. Potassium has been shown to play a part in better blood pressure control.
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