Obesity and your genes

Obesity and your genesIn a society where a person’s worth as a human being is often judged by their appearance, obesity is sometimes seen as the last acceptable prejudice. The overweight are insulted, humiliated and judged as lazy gluttons with no will-power and no self- control. Research studies are beginning to produce a stack of evidence that this attitude is scientifically unsustainable.

Due to a genetic disposition and family history of obesity, certain people gain weight easier than others, and have an incredibly difficult time losing the weight and keeping it off. It has become clear that a person’s genetic makeup plays a substantial role in their ability to lose weight, and what some scientists call the “set point,” or the weight at which the body seems most comfortable.

Body fat secretes a hormone called leptin that regulates the desire to eat. Reducing body fat and also reduces the amount of leptin in the system, decreasing the body’s messages that control hunger. Solid data from studies of identical twins indicate that, about 80 percent of the variation in body weight is determined by genes. That’s about the same as the degree of genetic influence over a person’s height, and it’s much greater than the genetic impact on other conditions that are believed to run in families, including breast cancer, schizophrenia and heart disease. Yet, no one would think of blaming a breast cancer victim for their disease.

Losing weight successfully requires a battle against thousands of years of evolution that designed the human body to conserve resources to protect it against times of famine. It is counterproductive and cruel to insult and humiliate an overweight person in an attempt to shame them into conforming to a false ideal of health and beauty.

Certainly there are health effects to be considered, but support and compassionate professional help in developing and maintaining a weight loss plan go a long way toward getting good results. With the help of your bariatric clinic in Columbus, you can overcome any genetic makeup that is causing you to gain weight and begin feeling healthier in no time at all.

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