OPTIFAST Journey Ends in a Proposal!


In 2014, Pam and Steve met at CONCI while they were both losing weight on the OPTIFAST program.  After Pam lost 150 pounds and Steve lost 190, they were no longer going to the clinic on a weekly basis.  They lost track of each other. It wasn’t until 2017 that their paths crossed again. It was then that CONCI dietitian Jody Riley reintroduced them, suggesting they contact each other for maintenance support.

They quickly became friends because of what they had in common.  Both achieved weight loss in the same way, and both understood the challenge of keeping the weight off.   Pam and Steve began to co-lead a maintenance class at CONCI and found it to be as valuable for themselves as it was for the class members.  Both continue to stay accountable by visiting the clinic monthly to weigh in.

As time went on, Pam and Steve found that they had much more in common than just weight loss.  They started to date in October of 2017 and quickly realized how wonderful it was to eat with another person who fully understood the challenge that each meal brings.  When they dine together, they often split meals and each is always conscious of the other’s feelings toward food. Pam and Steve both still love food and find joy in having some of life’s guilty pleasures knowing that each will keep the other in check. They both credit the education received at CONCI for helping them understand and put into practice what is necessary to maintain a weight loss.  
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On March 13, 2018, Pam and Steve came to the Bethel Road CONCI office for their monthly weigh-in.  Little did Pam know that she was about to see her life change in an instant! Down on one knee, Steve proposed to Pam right there in the office where they first met!  The CONCI staff was in on the surprise and ready to celebrate!
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Pam, of course, said “yes!”  She is thrilled to have a partner to support her as she continues her journey and is glad to do like-wise for Steve.  Having a partner who himself understands the challenge increases her confidence in keeping the weight off. Pam considers herself fortunate to now have the support of two experts: CONCI and her husband-to-be.  Each will be there to help should she need it.
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Congratulations to Pam and Steve on their up-coming marriage and on maintaining their weight loss for 4 years!   How remarkable that each lost half of his/her body weight! They are each half the person they were, yet both have grown in so many other aspects!

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