Overcoming Obstacles in Weight Maintenance

Overcoming Obstacles in Weight MaintenanceYou have been maintaining your weight loss quite well, and without notice, your clothes are a bit tight, and you might have put back on 5-15 lbs. One of the first questions to ask yourself is:  What obstacle/obstacles are preventing me from maintaining? Can I deal with them now?  The first step is the identification of the obstacles hampering your success. For example, you may realize that once again you have been eating out quite often at your favorite places, or that your portions of your food have increased.  Here are some basic techniques that you can review each month to help in long-term weight maintenance.

  • Have you been monitoring your food intake and /or exercise? Go back to journaling for awhile to become aware of your food intake.  Have you lost your pedometer? It is time to get excited about your tracking your steps again!
  • What are your triggers? Think about how you controlled them when you were losing weight! Perhaps you can ask your family to put food away after meals or to not eat in front of you!
  • Review your weight loss and maintenance goals. If possible, think back to when you first began losing weight. What were your goals? Do they still seem realistic? Also, review your motivation. Why did you initially want to lose weight?
  • Keep a log of your thoughts as well throughout the week. Make sure that they are positive and encourage you to keep making the necessary changes.
  • If an obstacle or problem comes up, thoughtfully decide how you will handle it, as to avoid emotional eating.

It is much easier to take off a few pounds, as opposed to having to lose many pounds. Jump right on it, and don’t put off the necessary changes in your lifestyle. Pull out your plan, follow it, and you will be back on track in no time!

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