Physical Activity a Little Bit at a Time

Physical Activity a Little Bit at a TimePeople who break up their activity over the course of the day are actually more likely to achieve their activity goals than those who try to do it all at once. At least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week as well as two strength training days are the current recommendation for general health benefits. If you do the math, the minimum amount of physical activity needed is a little over 20 minutes a day, plus two days of strength training. Don’t have twenty minutes a day? Stop pressing the snooze button and walk ten minutes in the morning before work, and then ten minutes on your lunch break.

By doing so, your activity for the day is done before you are even home from work! By breaking up your activity, you allow yourself more chances for success. For example, a working parent who always does his/her daily 30 minutes of activity when he/she gets home from work receives a call about a child who is sick and needs to be picked up from school, not allowing the time for evening activity. Now let’s take a person who walks ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes at lunch, and ten minutes upon arriving home. This person also receives the same phone call but has already done twenty minutes of activity for the day! See the difference? Sometimes we get caught up in the era of gyms and forget that all we need to do to be healthy is to be active in some way. By choosing an activity you enjoy and breaking up that activity into small time increments, you are more likely to schedule it into your day to achieve your activity goals!

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