Quitting Soda for Diet and Weight Loss

Quitting Soda for Diet and Weight LossOver the past several years there have been many studies on the harmful consequences of drinking soda, yet soda consumption continues to grow. Many people drink soda day and night, consuming it with lunch and dinner and as a caffeinated pick-me-up in the afternoon.

The reasons to stop drinking soda are nearly endless, but the biggest reason of all has to do with your diet and weight loss in Columbus. When you drink soda you are consuming empty calories. Almost every type of soda on the market is packed with sugar and is heavy in calories, yet they hold no nutritional value whatsoever. If you are drinking just one 16 ounce bottle of soda a day you could be adding more than 1,400 calories to your diet in the course of a week by downing the fizzy beverage alone.

There are several reasons why soda consumption is so bad for your health:

  • The sugar content is overwhelming. Soda is packed with so much sugar that it should be considered a dessert. One twenty-ounce bottle of Coca Cola has 65 grams of sugar!
  • Soda is heavy in calories but does absolutely nothing to fill you up. In many circumstances the soda you are drinking to wash down an afternoon snack might actually have more calories than the snack itself.
  • Portions are often way oversized. Bottles of soda often come with misleading labels. A 16-ounce bottle of Coca Cola, for example, has two servings in it, yet most people will drink the entire bottle in one sitting. Gas stations, movie theaters and fast food restaurants will serve up cups of soda that are 32 ounces or larger—and they come with free refills! That is four or more servings of soda in one cup.
  • Refills are dangerous. Many people claim they only have one glass of soda while out to eat, but don’t take into account the fact that their well-attending waiter has refilled their beverage four or five times. Most restaurants use pint-sized glasses, which hold 16 ounces. Even after taking ice in the glass into account, you’ll find yourself well beyond your one portion of soda once the refills start adding up.

Instead of downing soda at every meal, do your best to start drinking more water. An essential nutrient with absolutely no calories in it, water is the ideal way to hydrate your body while keeping on track with your diet and weight loss goals in Columbus.

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