Ready or Not, Here They (THE HOLIDAYS) Come

Ready or Not, Here The Holidays Come“Winging it” never works!  The holidays always make weight management an even greater challenge. Get your game plan ready! Planning is essential for success not just during the holidays but in everyday life.

To better understand why planning is important, give this example some thought. Those who decide to climb Mount Everest don’t take on that challenge on a whim. What do they do? They plan. They study and learn about the mountain. They talk to previous climbers for information.  They train and get in good physical condition. They purchase high quality, reliable equipment and clothing. They double-check their gear for safety. In other words, they don’t “wing it.”  They spend time planning a strategy that will increase their chances of reaching the top of the mountain.
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Weight control is no different. A plan of action will increase the likelihood of success. For the up-coming holiday season, you might include in your strategy some pre-planned responses to use in social situations where holiday food is being pushed on you. It is a great feeling to feel that you are in control of food rather than food being in control of you!

Fran Matteson, MS,RD

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