Resolutions in the New Year 2014

Resolutions in the New Year 2014It is the New Year again and you are probably thinking about resolutions and goals for 2014! Here are some questions about weight loss and maintenance which may help you identify and follow some goals in the upcoming year. Refer to them often and feel good about even small changes that are occurring towards a healthier life. For many of you, SELF-CARE should be the goal in 2014!

  1. Are you ready to devote the effort necessary to learn to manage your weight for life, considering this will involve time at home and planning?
  2. Will managing your weight be a high priority in your life?
  3. Are you able to commit to a regular exercise schedule or continue with the schedule you have already initiated?
  4. Do you bring a positive attitude and the expectation of success to this effort?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are on the right track to successful weight management! Goal setting can be a very motivating factor for making changes. It may be helpful to write down a few goals and refer to them often. For some people setting small goals is more motivating and for others a large goal may be what spurs them to continuous action. In your journal, you may want to write how your life will be better when you make the changes. Also, how will you feel when you accomplish your goal/goals? Praise yourself often!

Enjoy the process of change and the journey to a healthier you! With accomplishing these goals, you can begin 2014 knowing that you are taking steps to improve your health and quality of life! Happy New Year!

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