Saxenda – Another New Weight Loss Drug

Another drug has been approved by the FDA for weight loss. It is called Saxenda, and it has been shown to reduce appetite and caloric intake.  Saxenda is actually a higher dose of a diabetic drug- Liraglutide or Victoza. At the higher dose of 3 mg, the medication was associated with a 6.0% weight loss. ( JAMA 2015).  Saxenda is taken by injection, once per day. As with other medications, there are some potential side effects- increase in resting heart rate, rare cases of pancreatitis, and hypoglycemia in diabetics.  Positive outcomes included weight loss, improvement in quality of life, and reduction of other medications.  Although not for everyone, Saxenda gives health professionals another tool in the treatment of obesity.
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As with other weight loss medications, lifestyle management is crucial to success and long-term weight control.  Medications are to be used as an adjunct to behavior modification, healthy eating, and moderate activity and exercise.  They also may be helpful for use in weight maintenance, although continuous long-term effects of many anti-obesity medications are unknown.  If interested in finding out more, please ask our CONCI physician. buy bupropion generic over the counter

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