Sensible Summer Eating

Sensible Summer EatingBeware of the following seasonal foods that can cause havoc with summertime weight loss efforts.

  1. Summertime salads. Salads that are made with mayonnaise are typically high calorie dishes. Potato salad and coleslaw are examples of salads where a vegetable is transformed into a high calorie dish because of the mayonnaise contributing so many fat calories. Avocado, cheese, and salad dressings turn low-cal green salads into calorie-packed dishes as well.
  2. Barbeque fare (especially hamburgers and hot dogs). Consumer beware! Most low-fat hot dogs are still quite high in fat content. A popular hot dog brand has a light hot dog that has 66% of its calories from fat. (When evaluating a product, the general rule of thumb is that anything 30% calories from fat or less is considered a low fat food). Look for fat-free or 98% fat-free versions of hot dogs. Pre-made hamburgers typically are made from 80/20 ground beef which is high in fat as well. Better options would be bison burgers and, even better, chicken breast.
  3. Ice cream and frozen yogurt. Don’t let the word low-fat alone be your criteria for choosing a product. Delve further into the nutrition information on the label to better assess the product. There are many frozen confections available that are 100 calories or less.
  4. Frozen drinks. The fancier the drink, the higher in calories it is. Any mixed drink will be higher in calories than dry wine or lite beer. Mix dry wine with seltzer water to stretch the calories with a calorie-free mixer.
  5. Fair foods. 99% of fair food is extremely high in fat and calories. If you plan to indulge, plan for the extra calories by cutting back elsewhere.
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