Simple Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Simple Exercises You Can Do At Your DeskIf you spend the majority of your day behind a desk, take advantage of the time you have to sneak in some simple workouts to increase activity and help burn extra calories.

The first is a simple isometric exercise – hold your palms together at chest height and push gently with increasing pressure. When you get tired, clasp your hands together and do this exercise in reverse. Another variation is the “butt clench.” Squeeze your sitting muscles, hold, and then slowly relax. It may feel silly, but the glutes are a large muscle group. Besides, no one will be able to tell!

Next, try a series of arm raises. In addition to burning a few calories, you’ll be stretching and working out tension, especially if you type all day in front of a computer screen. For some exercise that you don’t have to think about, get some ankle or wrist weights. Start with lighter weights and work your way up. Simply attach them to your wrists and ankles and each time you get up to go to the bathroom or reach for the phone, you’ll be burning calories while doing your work.

An easy way to get exercise in at the office is to take the stairs any chance you get. If you don’t have stairs in your office, consider taking a walk  around the building every hour. It will clear your head, ease stress, and increase your daily activity at the same time.

Be aware of how you’re feeling and don’t push too hard, but little changes add up and soon enough you’ll be doing all of these things without a second thought

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