Small Weight Gain Affects Blood Pressure

small weight gain affects blood pressureAccording to the American Heart Association, a weight gain of as little as 5-11 pounds can have a negative impact on blood pressure, especially if weight is gained in the abdominal area. It is a well-known fact that carrying a significant amount of excess weight can lead to health problems. Now, based on recent study results, it is apparent that even a small weight gain leads to health issues, specifically an increase in blood pressure.

Current research also indicates that an increase in blood pressure was specifically related to increases in abdominal visceral fat. Visceral fat is fat that accumulates deep inside the abdomen. Although all study participants saw an increase in blood pressure with a slight weight gain, those who gained more weight inside their abdomen had a greater increase in blood pressure than those who gained fat elsewhere.

Take-home message here is that we must be aware that there are health risks with any weight gain, even a very modest one. Gaining “just a few pounds” can have health consequences than most people are not aware of.

As we approach the holiday season, a gain of 5 or more pounds is not uncommon. Keep this from happening by becoming educated about healthy eating. Need help? CONCI dietitians can assist you in your effort to keep weight under control.

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