Socialize Without Food

Socialize Without FoodWhen it comes to socializing with friends, family and co-workers, it usually involves food and drinks. You often go out to brunch with your family, go to dinner and a movie, grab dessert with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or go on a date at a fancy restaurant. Casual get-togethers, parties and special events are very often linked to the food they serve.

When you are trying to manage your weight, though, this can be a frustrating and even stressful ordeal. Instead of socializing in this manner, think of a new way to socialize, by finding activities that are not centered on the food but rather on the enjoyment and conversation instead.

Activities Without Food

Think of activities that are fun and allow you to socialize without involving food. There are plenty to choose from, from indoor activities and game nights to heading outdoors. Some of these activities will involve having snacks, but if you’re the host, you can be in control of them.

Activities that in most cases don’t involve food or drinks include going on a hike or a bike ride, playing a round of golf, visiting a local museum, or seeing a movie. Just make sure you skip the popcorn and candy!

Other activities might have food, but you can control how much or what you eat, such as going bowling and skipping the beer and nachos or not entering the food court when strolling through the mall.

If you go for a massage or manicure with a girlfriend, don’t get lunch after. If you are planning on a day at the beach or lake, pack plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to avoid more fattening temptations like potato chips and cheese puffs.

What to Do When Food Is Involved

There are other social occasions that involve food, and it’s hard to get around it. You can still socialize with others without eating too much. If it is an event where everyone brings their own food, this is perfect. You have control over what you prepare, and you can eat what you brought if the rest of the dishes are not healthy enough for you. Typically at the majority of special events, there are usually fruits, vegetables, and bottled water.

If your friends want to go out to eat and you can’t get out of it, order a glass of water with lemon, as this will help you feel full. Don’t skip lunch, but look for a “light fit” or similar type of section of the menu. Many diners and restaurants offer grilled chicken, hearty, yet healthy salads, or broth-based soups that probably still fit in with your weight loss plan.

In the end, it is important that you communicate with your friends and loved ones about your needs. If they suggest lunch but you prefer going to a café so you can just get a coffee, speak up! Communication is often vital to ensure proper weight management when you’re in the mood to socialize.

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