Spring Clean Your Eating Habits

Spring Clean Your Eating HabitsShorts and bathing suit season is just around the corner! Do you have winter weight that needs to be shed? Are you in a rut with eating the comfort foods so common during winter months? Have you been hibernating indoors all winter without adjusting the amount you eat? It is not too soon to get serious about revamping how you are currently eating. With the change of seasons, take stock of what you are currently doing or not doing to take charge of your weight.

  • Spring clean your cupboards Take a look inside your cabinets and pantry. Get rid of anything that won’t help you achieve your weight loss goals. Toss out processed foods, anything made from white flour, and anything in a container that can easily be consumed in its entirety. Remember, “If it isn’t in your kitchen, you can’t eat it.”
  • Choose quality over quantity Only eat foods that you can honestly say taste good to you. Do this by having smaller portions of something that you enjoy instead of larger portions of what you consider “diet food.” In other words, eat less but enjoy yourself more. Not enjoying a food tends to eventually lead to additional grazing and calories.
  • Focus on fresh foods and ingredients Shop the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid processed foods. Chose single-ingredient foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy) for better calorie control. The more colorful a food is, the healthier it is (think fresh fruits and vegetables). Check out local farmers markets this summer!
  • Control your carbs! Cut back on starchy carbohydrates, especially those made from white flour. Replace white rice and potatoes with non-starchy veggies.
  • Check your math! We tend to overestimate the calories that we burn doing exercise and underestimate the calories we consume. Be informed about the caloric content of what you are eating and how many (or few) calories you are expending in your activities. Knowledge is power!
  • Keep track of what you eat and drink Keeping a food diary gives you great information. It shows you what you are doing right…and where you are getting off track. There are many food journal apps to help track your intake and make you more aware of where you may be straying.
  • Clean up your attitude Focus on what you can do to get back on track rather than what you think you can’t do. Getting bogged down in negativity will keep you from going forward.
  • Contact CONCI Need a little help or support? Need someone to be accountable to? Contact a CONCI registered dietitian to help you get back on track.
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