Staying Motivated through the Holidays

Staying Motivated through the HolidaysThe next few months can be a challenge to a person who has lost weight, is losing weight, or is contemplating a weight loss program. In our culture this time of year can be especially difficult with all the “eating events” that seem to be part of the season. How can one handle the events and start the New Year healthier and motivated? The following may give some ideas to manage successfully through November and December!

  1. First of all, although food is part of celebration in our society, the real reasons we are celebrating are for family or religious traditions. Try to make “food” secondary and not as important as the real reason you are getting together with friends or family. Focus on your relationships and the meaning of the holiday! Really be there for your friends and family!
  2. Secondly, preplan each day and determine what food intake and spacing will work best. Try not to allow long spaces or gaps between meals or snacks. Plan ahead to take with you to the events, food or beverages which will make it easier to stay on your predetermined plan.
  3. Watch portion sizes carefully. Again, if you are on a regular food plan, then look at your plate and be realistic about the amount of food that is there.
  4. Stay physically active! Not only will this help burn calories, but it will also help deal with the stress of the holidays.
  5. Ask friends and family not to give you food as gifts. Keep your home and environment free of temptation and “goodies” which can get you off track!
  6. Keep thinking of the reward you will have from staying healthy- eating right and moving more! Think back to why you started a weight loss program. Was it because of a health issue like high blood pressure, diabetes, shortness of breath? Or because you wanted to have better mobility and be able to play with your grandchildren? The improvements have probably started already and will continue as you stay on your program!
  7. Get enough rest! Practice self-care!
  8. Ask yourself the question – “Am I really hungry?” or do you just want to eat because the food is there.
  9. Do small things that give you a boost through the holidays! Do things that make you feel good! An example might be calling a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time, or volunteering at a shelter or school for a small amount of time each week! Allow yourself to read a book for pleasure or take long walks with a family member, friend, or pet.
  10. Remember, think how happy you will feel in January when you have maintained a weight loss or lost weight as opposed to putting on excess body weight!! Enjoy each day and stay positive!
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