Staying Realistic with your Diet and Weight Loss Goals

Staying Realistic with your Diet and Weight Loss GoalsWhen you are first starting out with something, it is easy to be overly ambitious. This is a problem that people often encounter when starting out with a new exercise program. As you begin a diet and weight loss program in Columbus, be sure to keep your fitness and weight loss goals realistic. If you have trouble reaching the goals you set for yourself, your overzealous goal-setting may damage your ability to stay motivated down the road.

If you’ve never had a steady exercise routine before, then creating one might seem a bit difficult at first. Knowing how your body will feel after an activity, if you enjoy an activity and how long and far you can push yourself are all essential bits of knowledge before creating a workout routine.

Here are a few tips to help you create realistic fitness goals that will stick:

  • Make it big, but not too big. Your goal needs to be realistic. If you have never exercised regularly before, then deciding you will start going to the gym for an hour every day might lead to a pretty quick letdown. Make a commitment to go three days a week, and to work out at home two days a week as well. Giving yourself a bit of wiggle room will help with your transition to your new active lifestyle.
  • Try it first. You read an article in a health magazine about spinning, and decided instantly that was the exercise routine you’ve been waiting for. Never mind the fact that you’ve never enjoyed bike rides, or that the smell of gyms makes you sick—spinning is it, until you go and realize that in fact, spinning is not for you. Don’t get caught up in a routine you don’t like. There are hundreds of ways to work out, so there is something out there you’ll enjoy!
  • Get a friend involved. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to keep up with a workout routine if you have a friend there to do it with you. Your friend will help you stay accountable and will encourage you to get moving when you’d rather hit the couch. Find a friend with a similar fitness level and weight loss goals to get the biggest benefit out of the pairing.

The last thing to remember when you are creating your fitness routine is to write it down. Create a log of your workouts and jot down when you go and what you do so you can track how well you are keeping up with your plans.

What other tips helped you to stick to your workout goals? Share your thoughts and experience in a comment below!

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